Animal Welfare

Our dedication to supporting animal welfare in our community

Our care for animals extends well beyond the pets that come through our practice doors. We care deeply for our local wildlife and those animals less fortunate and passionately believe in not only raising awareness but giving causes our full support.

Choosing to help animals less fortunate:

Our team takes any opportunity it can to support local charities and groups that focus on animal welfare, you can find out more about this below:

Paws For Thought

Run by a husband and wife duo, Paws For Thought has a mission to rehome older and rescued pets. More often than not, these pets have been left in local pounds and are in dire need of not only veterinary assistance but also a new loving home. Find out more about how you can support this organisation to rehome, care for and fund the vet treatment for a range of vulnerable animals in your area.

Greyhound Rescue

Greyhounds love nothing more than lazing on the couch, watching TV with the family. They are very fast runners, but they really don’t want to spend their time in training, they are much more suited to enjoying chilling out with their family. Greyhounds that have spent time training and running around a track thrive in a home environment where they are loved and nurtured. For this reason, it is so rewarding to see these loving dogs be welcomed into new forever homes where their lovely personalities can flourish.

Care for wildlife

We aren’t just concerned for pets, we also look to support charities that focus on the conservation of our local wildlife. We offer ongoing support by providing veterinary care to injured wildlife. We regularly take radiographs, bandage or splint injuries, provide medications and emergency fluid therapy and nurse injured wildlife. At the point when the injured wildlife is less critical, we organise the wildlife to be taken care of by a trained wildlife volunteer through Sydney Metro or WIRES. These services are done at Cherrybrook Vet Practice lovingly and without any charge.

A commitment to cat and kitten rehoming

We always make sure to do our part when it comes to rehoming. Sadly there are times when owners are simply not able to care for their pets anymore, and we have to help find them a new loving family. During this interim, our veterinary practice cares for a range of kittens and adult cats until we can secure new owners. Perhaps one of them could be you? Reach out to our team today to discuss animal adoptions through the practice.

Reach out to a member of our team

Want to find out more about our commitment to animal welfare? Maybe you want to discuss options for rehoming and adoption of a vulnerable cat or dog? Reach out to us today to chat with a knowledgeable and friendly member of our team and discuss your options. Please make sure to support all of the incredible charities and organisations above, their animals need our support more than ever!