Pet Laser Therapy

When you need a veterinary service you can trust for pet laser therapy, trust Cherrybrook Vet Practice to offer the best possible standard of expert, professional care and service. Our family-owned business offers pet laser therapy as part of a full suite of veterinary services, and our team of highly-qualified vets are here to help at every step of the way.

So what is pet laser used for?

This highly-effective therapy can be used to treat a broad range of conditions. Your vet can provide specific advice for your pet’s situation, but these are some typical examples:

  1. To help lessen the pain and soreness that pets can experience with arthritic joints
  2. To treat tight or sore muscles by stimulating trigger points with the warming laser light (akin to acupuncture but without needles)
  3. To improve blood flow which can help to reduce infections
  4. To encourage tissue regeneration and wound repair
  5. To help tackle joint or degenerative disc conditions
  6. To ease and reduce sites of scarring, which can be very painful for animals
  7. To offer therapeutic pet procedures, targeted to the animal’s needs.

What is pet laser therapy?

In the same way that lasers are being used to transform medical care for people, laser therapy is also now being used to bring non-invasive, advanced treatments to pets for a range of conditions. It’s a new procedure that is well-proven and increasingly popular due to its results and rapid effect on healing time and pain management.

How does pet laser therapy work?

Specialised veterinary-grade lasers target tiny amounts of light energy, called protons, into affected tissue areas, where the protons can deeply penetrate the affected area without causing any damage. As the targeted cells absorb the laser light, desirable chemical changes – called photo-bio modulation – occur at this microscopic level, generating new fuel and encouraging the cells to rejuvenate or repair themselves.

Laser therapy is incredibly powerful, despite its gentle experience, and it can deliver fantastic results. It’s also a very well-proven technology with a superb track record.

What happens when you book your pet in for laser therapy?

If your vet has advised that a laser therapy treatment would be beneficial for your pet’s condition, the treatment will be delivered by one of our highly skilled, caring team. The beauty of this treatment is that sedation isn’t necessary and no needles are involved – making it very comfortable for animals. Your pet will feel warmth and a soothing sensation as the laser is applied. There can be a slight sensation of tingling as the blood flow increases during the treatment, but there is never pain from the laser.

Naturally, you are invited to accompany your pet as you prefer. Our clients often tell us that they can see how relaxed their pets are when they have laser treatment, and we explain that the experience is comparable to having a therapeutic massage!

Key things to know about pet laser therapy

Our vets will assess your pet’s condition and particular needs and use this to recommend how many sessions of laser therapy are needed, and over what period of time. This treatment may also be offered alongside other complementary treatments and services for the best possible results.

Wondering if this is right for your pet?

We’re always here to discuss your pet’s individual case and to offer the best possible treatments and services. We pride ourselves on offering expert, caring advice without pressure – and we’re a family-run business with ethics, values and service at the core of everything we do.

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