Puppy Preshool

If you’re lucky enough to have welcomed a new puppy into your home, you’ll already know that good training is the key to success! So if you’re ready to introduce your new companion into the big, wide world, it’s the ideal time to bring your little bundle of energy and joy to our ever-popular Puppy Preschool!

Why Puppy Preschool will make all the difference to your dog

Yes, your pup is just a little ball of excitement and fun now, but he or she is also learning at an incredible pace and absorbing all of those new experiences and interactions in the way that children do!

This is why those first few months of life are a vital time to introduce social development, careful training and expert guidance. The right learning, delivered by qualified professionals in the field, can make all the difference to your puppy’s development. This is why we created our hugely popular Puppy Preschool, to instil all of those positive learning behaviours at the earliest possible stage when they are the easiest to learn.

What we cover at Puppy Preschool

The objective of Puppy Preschool is to help socialise your pup, begin to teach basic commands that will keep them safe outdoors and teach boundaries and positive behaviours. We also help to introduce positive interactions with other dogs, to aid healthy and happy socialisation.

Our Puppy Preschool program is designed to be a lot of fun, and enjoyable for you and your pup. We begin with the basic ‘sit’ and ‘recall’ commands, explain how to praise and encourage your puppy with positive reinforcement and offer expert advice on boundaries, safety, communication and socialisation.

We cover core topics such as dog nutrition, parasite control and socialisation techniques, and whilst you’re building up your puppy management skills, your new friend will be experiencing the sheer joy of exploring, trying out new things and meeting other new friends – in human and dog form!

Entry Requirements

We do ask that your puppy has had his or her vaccinations and that your puppy has shown that they are able to handle group environments. If you have any concerns, we are here to offer advice and guidance. And if your pup needs their routine vaccinations, naturally we can do this too.

The Puppy Preschool format

The courses run throughout the week according to a fixed consecutive programme, with hour-long sessions that fit around typical working schedules. We ask you to bring treats and snacks so that you’re ready to reward your hard-working pup student, and we also ask that your puppy attends on a lead to begin reinforcing that feeling.

Every course is run by highly experienced and qualified veterinary nurses that have a fantastic rapport with puppies of all kinds, including any animals that are more unsure or nervous. We take real pride in watching our students grow into confident dogs, and we find that the experience helps those pets to remain confident about visiting our practice in future.

Get in touch

Teach your pup vital skills, meet other puppy parents and benefit from the expertise of our highly experienced and qualified team. Our Puppy Preschool runs on a rolling basis so please contact our team today to book your slot!