Pet Pathology

What is pet pathology?

Pet pathology describes the process of collecting animal blood, fluids or tissue for evaluation. This could be in the form of a blood test, a urine test or a localised tissue biopsy, for example. Laboratory equipment analyses the sample to see if certain diseases are present. This process can identify and assess a wide range of conditions and diseases that can affect certain pets and breeds.

Many pathology tests can be done within Cherrybrook Vet Practice, including blood and urine testing, and cytology of growths or areas of infection. The benefit of testing in-house is that there is a reduced turn-around time for faster results. Some pathology does need to be sent to a laboratory, as an example tests on tissue, known as histopathology, requires special laboratory preparation and is performed in a lab.

When is pet pathology recommended?

This service is particularly useful for instances where your pet’s blood needs to be analysed. Our veterinary team will usually take a blood sample from your pet before undertaking any surgery – whatever their health status, age and the nature of surgery. This is valuable because it tells us much of what we need to know before carrying out an anaesthetic and going ahead with a procedure. If the results come back abnormal in any way, we can then adjust the treatment programme accordingly, and with confidence.

Our own excellent pathology testing facilities, and those of our chosen local partners, allow our team to evaluate animal blood cells and to check for key markers, such as anaemia, the volume of platelets and white/red blood cells and biochemistry indicators such as kidney function, blood glucose, proteins, liver enzymes and electrolytes. Again, this data allows our vets to make evaluations and recommendations on treatment plans specifically to meet the needs of your pet.

Why do we also offer pet microscopy?

We also offer supporting pathology services such as pet microscopy. This involves examining samples using a microscope to identify parasites, bacteria, cancerous cells and other microscopic objects.

Speed and expertise combined

Our team knows that rapid diagnosis can be vital for swift and effective treatments, so we have an extremely fast and efficient service on offer for our clients and their pets. Often, we can carry out these tests while you wait, for the fastest results and treatment recommendations. We also carry out these tests to confirm tolerance to anaesthetic drugs before any surgical procedure, again for total peace of mind.

Please get in touch

If you’re worried that your pet may be ill or suffering from a condition, it’s sensible to act as early as you can. Our team are here to help you with advice, guidance and access to professional veterinary services whenever you need them. Please contact us in the first instance for a no-obligation and no-pressure chat about your pet’s situation and possible next steps. We’re here to help you and your pet, and our friendly team is just a contact away.