Rescue Cats

At our family-run veterinary practice, we’re truly passionate about healthy, happy pets and the huge benefits that they bring to people. We’re also a values-led business and we completely love animals! So it was only natural that we wanted to pair up with a local shelter to try to find loving homes for rescue cats in need.

Could you home a local rescue cat?

We’ve seen time and time again how much joy and love a pet can bring to a person’s life. And we want to help match pets with their forever home wherever we can. In fact, a number of our staff are already proud parents of rescue cats and we’ve seen first-hand just how rewarding it is to bring a rescue cat into your home and help them to start a happy new life.

When anyone visits our practice, they might be interested to know that we have details of beautiful, assessed and vetted cats that are waiting patiently to find their new forever home. Some have had difficult starts in life, but we know that we can help them to find safe and secure new homes with families that will love and adore them – whether that’s in the home of a single older person or in a large family. We know these cats well, including their personalities, health status and suitability for different types of would-be adopters, so we can help to make successful matches.

How we prepare rescue cats for their new homes

Some of these lovely rescue cats can be scared or nervous, so we provide plenty of cuddles and hugs – along with lots of play time – so that their anxiety begins to ebb away over time. It’s amazing how their personalities begin to emerge!

We also give any necessary treatment and health support that rescue cats might need before they go to their new home. Some may have been injured, attacked or badly injured. Others may have been malnourished. Whatever their needs, our team expertly and lovingly guide them back to better health, so that they are ready to start their new lives afresh!

Each of our rescue kittens and cats has a full examination by one of our vets, and is vaccinated, wormed, microchipped and desexed. So you can rest assured that everything up to date has been taken care of. We can discuss any ongoing care for these cute kittens and cats when they are rehomed.

Why adopt a rescue cat?

Many of our clients who choose the cat adoption route are already experienced cat owners and know the happiness and joy that a pet can bring. Research shows that cats reduce anxiety and stress, helping to maintain healthy blood pressure in humans. They are also great companions and very gentle. What’s more, they make great pets for people with all kinds of lifestyles and abilities. For example, some cats prefer to stay indoors and are ideal for older owners or people with mobility issues.

Cats are also a wonderful way to bring out the best in children and to encourage their natural gentleness and kindness, teaching them vital skills for life.

Find out more

To find out more about our rescue cat adoption service, please contact our friendly team who will be delighted to tell you more!