Grooming at Normanhurst Vet Practice is done by Erica, an experienced, professional dog groomer.

Erica’s love of dogs started in childhood and one of her first jobs in the animal industry was working as a judge for Dog Shows in Europe.  Grooming runs in the family and Erica started grooming 15 years ago working along side her sister who is also a groomer.


Erica takes the time to speak with each client to ensure she knows the type of groom required, and has a gentle and calming manner that dogs respond well to.


Grooming takes place at the clinic each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 8am -5pm, as well as every Saturday from 8am to 12pm.  Pets can stay with us at the clinic for the day at no extra cost (Tuesday-Thursday until 7pm and Saturdays until 12pm).


Grooming appointments fill up quickly, so please ensure you call us early to book a grooming appointment.