Our Mobile Vet Service

Work, kids, commitments! They have a habit of filling up your time, even when you need to prioritise important things, like looking after your family. And our pets are very much part of that family. Cherrybrook Vet Practice is pleased to be able to offer our clients a mobile vet service that can come to you when the pressure is on to be all things to all people (and pets)!

Convenient care at home

Our client reminder service is great… but you may not have time and availability to herd cats (or dogs) to come into the surgery for their annual check-up.

We get it. Our team knows only too well how life can get in the way! So why not give us a call and book a visit by our Mobile Vet service.

How our mobile vet service works

Our mobile vet care service is designed to provide convenience and a less stressful alternative to a surgery visit, for both you and your pet.

Simply call the surgery and let them know you’d like a mobile vet visit, and the reason for the visit. That way, our staff can make sure that the vet will have all the necessary equipment and medication with them when they arrive at your home.

We’ll be able to let you know what times are available. That way, the stress is off, no need to plan how you’re going to catch the cat, or where you put the pet carrier last.

Reducing stress on your pets goes a long way toward making a vet visit less dauting. Being in their own home means your pet (and you) will be more relaxed.

On the day of the visit, you’ll get a call from the surgery to confirm the booking and give you any updates, in case the vet has been held up. That way, you’ll be able to arrange any other commitments.

We ask that you have your pet ready for us to examine. If you can get them into a carrier (particularly cats) before we arrive, that’s ideal. For the best experience, a laundry or smaller room works well. Somewhere quiet and calm, with the ability to close exit routes like doors or windows.

Our vet will arrive with an assistant, and just like at the surgery, they’ll work with you and your pet to ensure the exam is calm and thorough and that your pet’s wellbeing is prioritised.

Our mobile vet service benefits your pet (and you!)

Pets are sometimes more comfortable, confident and calm in their own surroundings. Not only are they less likely to become nervous during a consultation, but any disruption to their routine is less likely to create unrest when they are on their own patch.

But it’s not just your pet who’s more at home, well, at home. Being able arrange a mobile vet appointment means less hassle for you. We’re happy to arrange a time that suits the surgery and you.

Have any questions?

Give Cherrybrook Vet Practice a call to discuss all the details of their mobile vet service. We’re happy to have a chat and arrange a mobile vet visit.